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At the time of writing, all programs are currently owned by the Tribeca DAO Smart Wallet.

At the time of writing, this Smart Wallet currently has three signers in a 2-of-3 multisig configuration: the Saber team, 0xGoki, and michaelhly.

The Smart Wallet currently has no timelock: we plan on adding this in once more serious users start launching their DAOs on the platform and after Goki exits private beta.

All programs are deployed on mainnet-beta and devnet and are verified on the Anchor verified build system.



Address: Govz1VyoyLD5BL6CSCxUJLVLsQHRwjfFj1prNsdNg5Jw

The govern program handles proposals, voting, and queueing of transactions into a Smart Wallet.


Address: LocktDzaV1W2Bm9DeZeiyz4J9zs4fRqNiYqQyracRXw

The locked-voter program locks up governance tokens for a user-provided duration in exchange for increased voting power.



Address: GokivDYuQXPZCWRkwMhdH2h91KpDQXBEmpgBgs55bnpH

The smart-wallet program is a multisig Solana wallet with Timelock capabilities.