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GitHub: saber-hq/snapshots

snapshots is an extension of Tribeca's vote escrow system which allows computing future and historical vote escrow balances.

It was originally built to support a fee distribution mechanism, but it is simple enough to be used for any use case requiring balance history.


There are several instances in which one may want to use an instantaneous snapshot of all vote escrow balances, for example:

  • Fee distribution. One may want to send protocol revenue to veToken holders.
  • Airdrops. One may want to send tokens to holders of a veToken.


veToken balances are recorded for every period. A period is recorded for every 3 days.

There are two accounts that are used to compute historical balances:

  • [LockerHistory], which stores the total number of veTokens for each period, and
  • [EscrowHistory], which stores the veTokens in each Escrow per period.

Any time someone refreshes and/or modifies their vote escrow, they should refresh their [EscrowHistory] accounts.

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